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                        Counseling • Consultation • Exploration • Facilitation • Training •Therapy
                               for Individuals, Couples, Families, Groups & Organizations

 Somatic Psychotherapy: personal/relational/trauma work can include Psychodynamic, Gestalt, Family Systems, Legacy, Narrative, CBT, Solution Focused, and Transpersonal approaches in conjunction with Somatic therapy. Somatic work can include EMDR, Breema bodywork, body centered meditation, and Self -Breema exercises. Breema bodywork highly recommended in conjunction with somatic psychotherapy. 

Wellness Consultation: personal consultation supporting mental clarity and insight, emotional balance, integration, overall direction and physiological wellness. Conducted via conversational interview. Based on principles, practice, and philosophy of BREEMA. Individual and group consultation available.  


Self Care as the Heart of Psychotherapy and body mind connection with BREEMA:

Somatic self-care workshops for therapists, counselors, doctors, nurses, social workers, professional health practitioners, caregivers, and educators. Based on the principles, philosophy, and practice of Breema. Please see  for upcoming workshops and conference sessions.



• BREEMA the Art of Being Present/BREEMA and the Body-Mind Connection: Graz Austria, Buhl Germany, Cologne Germany: 2021, 2022

•Expressive Arts Therapy Conference- Somatic Approaches to Treating Trauma:2019, 2020, 202, 2022

• Berkeley Psychotherapy Institute: the Role of the Body in Group Psychotherapy August 2020, 2021,2022

•The Breema Center in Oakland: Walking the Talk: Self Care As the Heart of Psychotherapy April, July,January 2019

•Expressive Arts Therapy Summit  Los Angeles The Role of the Body in Psychotherapy March 2019

•American Counseling Association National Conference New Orleans March: Somatic Approaches to Treating trauma 2019

•Body-mind Centering Conference Santa Barbara 2019

Addiction Counseling & Treatment services: counseling, workshops, consultation, referrals, and weekend intensives for families struggling with addiction and co-dependency.



Group work is somatic and process oriented, using  Gestalt, Breema, and is based in the 9 Principles of Harmony. Psychoeducation, role play, family sculpture,  psychodrama, and body centered meditation, are also utilized.

Weekly group sessions are 1.5 hours in length and continue for 12 weeks, after which time members have the option of continuing. 

Group work is $100 per week.

Please contact me directly for group focus, location, schedule, openings, and to request participation. Group sizes are kept btwn 8-12 people depending on focus.

Currently running supervision and consultation groups only.


$200 session/hr individuals

$250 session/hr couples -families

$300 session/hr groups of 4 or more. 

Individuals and Couples depth work:

Sessions can be scheduled for up to 3 hours in length or in a series.

Some sliding scale slots available, please inquire for current availability.

Insurance superbill optional.

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